Learning Management System.



In short

Blackboard is an online system used at Victoria University to deliver taught courses, both on-campus and by distance. Blackboard offers a set of tools for providing course information and materials to students, for course administration and communications, electronic course submissions, assessment and evaluation.

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What can I use it for?

Blackboard is used to create online presence for Victoria courses. Each course site in Blackboard can be configured to support the delivery of course-specific content, including required and recommended readings, lecture notes, external resources and links (such as YouTube).

Students can be provided with spaces to work cooperatively and collaboratively in groups on their course tasks (using tutorial groups and wikis) and communicate with each other and instructors, administrators and library support staff (using discussion boards, blogs and email).

Tools can be configures to allow students to complete assessment online, and receive feedback and marks/grades in a secures and confidential manners. Instructors, tutors and administrators can use Blackboard tools to manage course assessment and marking, review students’ participation in course learning activities and remind students about course events and deadlines.