Technology Services Catalogue

This catalogue lists the technologies used in learning and teaching at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). As well as those currently in use, the list also includes technologies which are being considered for use in the future.

Most of these are supported by Information Technology Services (ITS), the Centre for Academic Development (CAD) and the library. A few are supported by external and cloud providers. If you need assistance with any of these techologies, there are a number of staff who can help. Contact details can be found here.

The aim of this catalogue is to provide an overview of the available services, examples of use and details on how to get support in using them. Beyond the first few information pages, the resources are editable wiki pages. These resources are not static and are intended to be updated as needed. We are very keen to see staff at Victoria contribute to the information within. See here for more information on how to do this (information on how to edit the wiki)

Core Learning and Teaching Technologies

These are the core tools that are used for most courses at Victoria. They are actively supported by CAD and ITS.

Other Learning and Teaching Technologies

These tools are recommended as potentially useful in a variety of teaching contexts. They are grouped together by main function, though they may be used in other contexts

Classroom Response Systems

Classroom response systems are used to get feedback from the audience during a lecture or other presentation. This is usually in the form of multichoice questions and polls.

Collaborative Projects

These technologies are used for working together on group projects. They can also be used together with the file sharing tools below.

Document Preparation

Document preparation is a fundamental part of research and study. There are several programs for preparing text documents, presentations (slide shows), spreadsheets, images and posters (graphic design).

File Sharing

Cloud-based file services enable the sharing of files over the internet. Files are uploaded to the cloud and given a url link that can be shared. Depending on how it is set up, the person with the link can either view or edit the file. This can be used to simply distribute files, or to collaboratively work on the same file.

Learning Spaces

These technologies are available in the learning spaces (lecture theatres, seminar rooms, etc.) around campus.


Portfolios used in many fields as a way to showcase a person's expertise.

Social Media

Subject Specific Technology

Video, Images and Audio

Video Conferencing