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Welcome to VicTeach

Welcome to the VicTeach wiki.

We are a staff-led group, who meet one or two times a month, interested in learning and teaching. The sessions are fairly informal and all are welcome.

Where possible and appropriate, the seminar presentations are streamed and recorded (accessible only to VUW staff) and can be viewed at:
Learning and Teaching Collection VStream presentations

Please subscribe to the VicTeach mailing list by sending an email to
Or visit:

For more information on who we are, what we talk about, and when we meet, please read on below...

VicTeach templates for sessions and reporting

VicTeach Seminars

Click on seminar title for notes and presentations from each session. Where possible, we try to move around campuses and also video and stream sessions to allow people to connect remotely or at a different time.

Date (2016) Location Topic Session coordinator(s)
January Karori campus VicTeach inaugural writing retreat
17 March at 4 pm AM101 VicTeach Kick-off celebration VicTeach team
May 27, 1 pm AM101 Lectures. So what? Suzanne Boniface and Amanda Gilbert
21 June 10-12:30 MY632 Expectations of First Year Students Jan Stuart and Suzanne Boniface
29 July 2-5pm AM101 7x7 Teaching sharing session Stephen Marshall
31 August 2016 9am to 5pm Government Buildings Lecture Theatre 3, Pipitea campus TeachBaz 2016 (note: not organised by VicTeach but likely to be of interest to many VicTeach members) Stephen Marshall and Jonny Flutey
28th October 1:10-3pm AM102 Graduate attributes and links to employment Diane Ormsby
19th October 1:30-3:30 KK001 First year students' transition to university: What can staff do? Jan Stewart
Date (2015) Location Topic Session coordinator(s) additional drop-in
February 11th, 1-3pm AM105 Transitioning from School to University Suzanne Boniface & Jan Stewart April 22, 4-5pm, Milk & Honey
March 26th, 12 - 2pm AM 101 VicTeach Annual Navalgaze Rhian Salmon n/a
April 21st, 2015, 12:10 - 2pm AM 101 Looking in the Mirror: what is our academic culture and how does this support our students (or not?) Tony Hooper tbc
May 28th, 2015, 3 - 5pm VS 204 (Te Aro campus) Cultivating and Assessing Creativity Tonya Sweet & Kevin Sweet June 4th, 4-5pm, Milk & Honey
June 10th, 2015, 10 - 12pm KK Transition to University II Jan Stewart & Suzanne Boniface
June 7x7 on new technologies for learning and teaching Beth Smith
July Learning environments and teaching spaces
August 26 3-4:30 pm AM105 Perspectives on working with postgraduate students Anne Macaskill and Jo Walton
September File:Copyright.pdf Marcus Harvey
17 November 11am-12 (seminar) and 2-4pm (workshop) AM 103 VicFlip 2015: Tools for teaching: Flipping, blending, engaging and optimising Diane Ormsby
1 December 10:30-12:00 Victoria Business School, Pipitea Campus What's Your Blend? Chris Eichbaum
January/February First year experience workshop Suzanne Boniface
March VicTeach annual navel gaze + research pod speed dating

Sessions that were covered in previous years, as well as more information about VicTeach, can be found below.

Date (2014) Wednesday Date & Location Friday Date & Location Topic
May 14, 2014 May 14, AM 103 n/a Flipped teaching
June 4th & 13th, 2014 June 4, AM101 June 13, AM103 Active Learning
July 2nd & 11th, 2014 July 2, AM103 July 11, Technology - 7x7] - (J Flutey, B Smith)
August 6th & 15th, 2014 Aug 6, Debate Aug 15, AM101 Should lecturers be able to turn wifi off?
September 3rd & 12th, 2014 Sep 3, AM106 Sep 12, AM101 Action Learning: internships & placements Corinne
October 1st & 10th, 2014 Oct 1, Te Taratara ā Kae and Wan Solwara, Level 2, Kelburn Library Oct 10, Karori campus marae [[Culturally responsive pedagogy] S Cherrington]
November 5th & 14th Nov 5, AM101 Nov 14, AM101 Graduate Attributes UnConference on Thursday 20 November. Find out more here:
November 20th Nov 20, Karori Campus UnConference

Date (2013) Location Topic
May 3, 2013 AM 106 LTSS Introduction and Teaching With Technology
June 7, 2013 HMLT 001 LTSS Technology & Research related to Large Class teaching
July 5, 2013 AM 105 Use of Video for teaching/ flipped classrooms
August 2, 2013 Wai-te-ata 201 & others Idea Exchange
September 6, 2013 Murphy, Kirk, and Laby labs Use of technology in the lab
October 4, 2013 HMLT 104 Exploring options for online and remote learning
November 1, 2013 KKLT 301 Up close and personal: social media in the wired classroom
December 6, 2013 MY632 Innovation with Blackboard
January 24, 2014 MY632 informal discussion about future options for the seminar series(many people on leave)
Wednesday February 26, 2014, 2:30-4:30pm AM106 Wrap Up: Presentation from ascilite conference, feedback from survey, and plans for 2014.
March 13-14, 2014 AM 101, AM103 Workshop on Research into Teaching with Rob Phillips, Curtin University
March, 2014 (tentative) Preparing our students for the "real world"
May 14th, 2014 AM 103 Flipped Teaching panel discussion and webinar

1. Who we are

  • we are a community-led group of staff interested in developing and sharing best practice in teaching and learning
  • we welcome teaching staff, support staff, graduate students, and anyone else interested in tertiary teaching and learning from any faculty, school, or division
  • all are encouraged to listen, contribute and suggest new topics
  • the sessions are designed to be informal, accessible, and enjoyable
  • for a given topic, we try to profile active teaching staff who have explored the topic in their own classes, relevant support staff and services, and associated theory/ best-practice

2. What we talk about
Key themes are : graduate attributes, first year experience, post-graduate experience, pedagogy for a digital world, active learning in large classes, research into teaching, blended learning, modern learning environments, culturally responsive learning environments...

3. When we meet
VicTeach holds approximately one event per month connected to teaching and learning. We plan to hold a writing retreat in December or January of each year (the inaugural retreat was held in 2016). Sign up for our mailing list to hear about events.

4. How we communicate and co-ordinate
We use the VicTeach mailing list to share messages. Any member of this group can post to the list. Please subscribe by sending an email to
Or visit:

We also have a Yammer group. Access Yammer through the grid of squares at the top right of your Outlook email and search for the VicTeach group

VicTeach has a steering committee. We welcome help with the suggestion of new topic ideas and organisation of individual seminars. Please contact if you’d like to be involved - or have a chat at one of the seminars.

2013 seminar series homepage

5. Seminar recordings
Where possible and appropriate, the seminar presentations are recorded and can be viewed at:
Learning and Teaching Collection VStream presentations

These pages are maintained by Rhian Salmon. Please let her know if you see any errors, want to add any information, would like to learn more about the VicTeach, or would like to contribute towards a seminar...