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Projects in the Incubator

SponsorProject NameStatusTagsLikesMembers
marshastExample ProjectDraft Proposal in DevelopmentInquiry-Based Learning; Problem Based Learning; Synchronous; Video; Wiki10
chankaFirstLight HouseDraft Proposal in DevelopmentBlog; Standard website00
niemetanFISDraft Proposal in DevelopmentBlog; Standard website00
langelwaform.valDraft Proposal in DevelopmentData validation; Formal verification; Internet; Media design; Research; Validation rules00
ritchipeiBeacons%3A creating location-based learning zones on smartphonesActive ProjectActive learning; Mobile Learning; Mobilising resource guides and info00
abreuedaINTA212Draft Proposal in Development00
chankaJoyful InteractionsDraft Proposal in DevelopmentStandard website00
spoonenaM%C4%81ori and Pasifika perspectives of Early Childhood ProvisionDraft Proposal in Development00
duddinmiNZAA Oral History ProjectDraft Proposal in DevelopmentDatabase; Oral History00
marshastTestDraft Proposal in Development00
grizhabiThe BootcampDraft Proposal in DevelopmentInternet00