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Victoria continues to invest in a wide variety of technologies to support the work of academics and students. The ongoing change can mean that it is confusing to know where to get support and assistance.

CAD and ITS work together closely to provide support for staff using technology in their work. Contacts for Academic Technologies (CATs) have been employed so that we can provide support targeted into specific areas and we hope to add new CAT roles over time. If you need help with technology you can always make a request to the ITS Service Desk (x5050, Some issues will be resolved immediately, others will be referred to ITS and CAD staff to address. Using the service desk helps the University monitor the level of support needed and proactively identify systemic issues.

The following people are here to help you use technology for teaching, research and administration. All of us are more than happy to be contacted directly, particularly with regard to the specific areas noted, but we’re happy to be contacted regarding anything about technology. If we can’t help you ourselves, we will make sure that you get support from the right person in a timely manner.

Dr Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall.png

Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Centre for Academic Development, x5205
Stephen leads the Digital Vision and Strategy work of CAD and provides support for staff, programmes and schools exploring the potential for technology to improve learning and teaching at Victoria. He is also course coordinator for HELT506 Learning and Teaching with Digital Technology.
His particular focus areas beyond this are: Course and programme design, technology pedagogies, Turnitin and academic integrity, copyright.

Dr Irina Elgort

Irina Elgort.png

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, Centre for Academic Development, x5970
Irina specialises in learning and teaching with technology. She works with Victoria staff to facilitate effective use of technology in academic contexts and the development of teacher and learner autonomy. In 2016, Irina will focus on developing approaches to evaluating the impact/effect of technology use on teacher and student behaviour. She also teaches a Master’s course in computer-assisted language learning.
Her particular focus areas beyond this are: The science of learning (i.e., understanding of the learning processes and how to they can be optimized through teaching); bilingualism; academic reading and mental lexicon. Irina conducts interdisciplinary research that combines educational, psychology and neurological research methods.

Dr Kwong Nui Sim

Kwong Nui Sim.png

Lecturer in Educational Technology, Centre for Academic Development, x5641
Kwong Nui contributes to the development and implementation of the university’s plans for digitally-enabled learning and teaching. She works as part of the CAD team to provide support to all staff members on the use of technologies to promote teaching and learning.
Her particular focus areas are: Technology use in teaching and learning; Academic practices using technologies; Research methods involving technology; Blackboard.

Jonathan Flutey

Jonathan Flutey.png

Learning and Teaching Technology Manager, Information Technology Services, 029 200 6914 or ext 5488
Jonathan’s focus is to support and build digital capability in the core university functions of research, learning, teaching and enhancing the student experience. He is supported in this by the university’s Digital Vision for Learning and Teaching and eResearch Capability report. Jonathan (and most of his team) are currently completing the Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teach to ensure that technology at Victoria is directly informed by modern teaching best practice.
Jonny can assist and train staff in Qualtics, VuePoint, VStream, GoSoapBox and Weebly.

Beth Smith

Beth Smith.png

Capability Builder, ITS, 027 563 9559 or ext: 9559
Beth is responsible for developing a university-wide digital capability plan (in concert with CAD), and is able to facilitate training in a range of applications for teaching and learning (such as VStream and One Note). Her focus is on building confidence and capabilities in the use of technology for teaching and learning at any level. She can be contacted regarding any technical training needs or new technology requirements.
Beth can assist and train staff on Vstream, GosoapBox, Talis, Microsoft Office and OneNote, Vuepoint and Zoom

Dr Sarah Hoyte

Sarah Hoyte.png

Contact for Academic Technologies (CAT) for Science and Engineering, ITS, 027 801 5547
Sarah supports the diverse schools within the Faculties of Science and Engineering. As well as supporting learning and teaching technology, Sarah is also a skilled instructional designer and has just completed the technical design of the University’s first MOOC, Antarctica Online.
Sarah can assist and train staff on Blackboard, VStream, GoSoapBox, Weebly, LaTeX, Microsoft Office, Zoom, Teaching Spaces and Talis

Liam Atwood

Liam Atwood.png

Contact for Academic Technologies (CAT) for FHSS and Education, ITS, 027 801 8563
Liam works across all schools within the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences and Education. Liam also has a strong interest in technology to enhance research and completed his Masters using Minecraft, Zoom, VStream and NVivo. Liam’s background is a high school teacher, a grad-dip in Education and a Masters of applied linguistics.
Liam can assist and train staff on Nvivo, Blackboard, Vstream, Microsoft Office, Zoom, Teaching Spaces, Minecraft and Talis

Jess Hawkes

Jess Hawkes.png

Contact for Academic Technologies (CAT) for VBS and Law, ITS, 027 535 9456
Jess is based at Victoria University’s Pipitea campus as a learning and technology specialist. She is an energetic adventurer, who turns ideas into reality. She is involved with building confidence in our future leaders with project based learning and teaching technology. Her background stems from international business strategy, agricultural research and education.
Jess can assist and train staff on Blackboard, Educational Video, R Studio, Zoom, VStream, GoSoapBox, Teaching Spaces and Talis.