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Innovation Incubator Governance

The Innovation Incubator is operated by the Centre for Academic Development in collaboration with Information Technology Services. Any questions or comments can be directed to Dr Stephen Marshall at CAD.

The Governance of the Incubator is undertaken by the members of the Digital Technologies for L&T Operational Advisory Group. This group oversees and advises CAD and ITS on the operation of the Incubator (including the Hub and all innovation project servers) and members approve innovation project proposals.

The Incubator is operated as part of the Victoria Digital Vision and Strategy for Learning and Teaching.

Digital Technologies for L&T Operational Advisory Group

  • Dr Stephen Marshall, Centre for Academic Development (Chair)
  • Liz Jones, Centre for Academic Development
  • Michael Dudding, School of Architecture
  • Nick Edwards, Communications and Marketing
  • Dr Irina Elgort, Centre for Academic Development
  • A. Prof Stephen Epstein, School of Languages and Cultures
  • Jonathan Flutey, Information Technology Services
  • Dr Xiaodan Gao, Student Services
  • Professor Kevin Gould, School of Biological Sciences
  • Catherine Iorns, School of Law
  • Walter Langelaar, School of Design
  • Andrew Matthews, Information Technology Services
  • Lachlan McLaren, Centre for Academic Development
  • Dr Louise Starkey, School of Education Policy and Implementation
  • Dr Allan Sylvester, School of Information Management
  • Trish Wilson, Library

Terms of Reference

  1. To agree operational and tactical priorities and actions
  2. To monitor progress and report to the Strategy Group
  3. To identify and explore opportunities, challenges and support needs for staff and students 
relating to the use of digital technologies for learning and teaching
  4. To provide advice and guidance to CAD throughout the Initiative.