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In 2011 the University accepted the report of the Working Party on Teaching and Learning at Victoria using Digital Technologies. This report identified pockets of excellence in technology use at Victoria but also a systemic lack of engagement with technology in learning and teaching as experienced by the majority of Victoria’s staff and students. This lack of engagement means that the University is not seeing the full range of benefits to student learning that can be obtained from our substantial investment in technologies and infrastructure, and Victoria is not able to participate actively in the international innovations in higher education seen elsewhere.

The Vision for Digital Learning and Teaching at Victoria states:

Technology is a fundamental contributor to modern life and key to challenging and stimulating educational experiences for students in the 21st Century. Victoria students will experience a professional, supportive and enabling digital learning technology environment aimed at ensuring our students succeed in the modern world. This environment will enhance and extend student learning experiences through participation in a lively, innovative and scholarly community, both physically and online.

Technology will be used to facilitate the engagement of students through their experience of:
  1. Programmes of study designed to maximise the positive impact of technology on students’ critical engagement, motivation and creativity. Innovative digital technologies extending the impact of formally scheduled face to face contact by preparing, informing and framing the student’s learning and enquiry, enabled and enhanced in partnership with staff and other students; and
  2. An efficient, seamless and professional service, administration and learning environment designed to support individual student’s engagement with their studies and ensure that students are able to focus their energy and attention on learning.

The current University Strategic Plan 2015-2019 includes the adoption of themes framing the academic activities of the University. One of these is “spearheading our digital futures.” The strategic plan also states that the learning experience will be characterised by “effective use of digital technologies for learning and teaching” and that “[t]eaching practices will be inclusive and continually refreshed by attention to evolving methodologies and technologies.”

In the most recent Academic Audit report the following recommendation were made:

“Recommendation 1: The Panel recommends that the University gives priority to the systematic implementation of the Action Plan within its Vision and Strategy for Digital Learning and Teaching at Victoria 2012–2017, including development of feasible timelines, responsibilities and target objectives or stages.”

Download the Vision and Strategy for Digital Learning and Teaching at Victoria 2012-2017 (AB13/3)


Digital Teaching at Victoria

Digital technology Futures Resources

These are resources from local and international sources which are intended to inform and stimulate debate and thinking at Victoria on the Digital Technology Vision.