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We are currently running Blackboard Release 9.1 April 2014.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based environment used at Victoria University to support the delivery of on-campus and distance courses. Blackboard contains a set of tools for providing course information and materials to students, for course administration and communications, electronic course submissions, assessment and evaluation.

What can I use Blackboard for?

Blackboard is used for all aspects of teaching online. Each course site in Blackboard can be configured to support the delivery of course-specific content, including required and recommended readings, lecture notes, external resources and links (such as YouTube). Students can be provided with spaces to work cooperatively and collaboratively in groups on course tasks and projects (using tutorial groups and wikis) and communicate with each other and instructors, administrators and library support staff (using discussion boards, blogs and email). Blackboard tools can be configures to allow students to complete assessment online, and receive feedback and marks/grades in a secures and confidential manners. Instructors, tutors and administrators can use Blackboard tools to manage course assessment and marking, review students’ participation in course learning activities and remind students about course events and deadlines.

How do I use Blackboard? / New to Blackboard?

If you are new to Blackboard, please go to the Quick Start Guide for Staff and follow our step-by-step guide on how to set up your first course in Blackboard.

Tutorials and help guides for using Blackboard are available on these pages:

Features of the current Blackboard Release - April 2014?

Blogs and wikis: We currently have two sets of social-software tools (blogs/wikis) in Blackboard: (1) Blackboard native blogs and wikis, and (2) Campus Pack blogs, wikis and podcasts. Centre for Academic Development recommends using the Campus Pack version because it allows students to subscribe to updates. When configuring Campus Pack blogs and wikis, best practice is to start with the default settings (i.e., Deployment set to Single Copy, and then changing permissions using the Permissions link.

Blackboard System and Support Information

Links to information about recent Blackboard version updates are shown on this page New_in_Blackboard

Recent Changes

Please review recent changes to Victoria Blackboard on this page Victoria_Blackboard_Changes.

Support for Staff

Tutorials and help guides for using Blackboard are available on the Blackboard tutorials page.

If you have a technical or administration query, the ITS Service desk is your first point of contact, telephone: 04 463 5050.

Individualised support using this technology in your teaching is available from the CATs (Contacts for Academic Technology). Visit this page to find out more and contact your CAT.

Support is also available from Centre for Academic Development (CAD) staff please send an e-mail to CAD-Contact or contact CAD staff, Kwong nui Sim, Stephen Marshall or Irina Elgort (on RSL August 2015 - February 2016).

Staff development workshops and individualised support are also available visit the workshop and events page for more information and to book your place - Workshops and Events

Support for Students

Need help for Students, visit the Blackboard student help page.