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The Victoria University of Wellington Innovation Incubator

The Incubator is a combination of tools, resources and processes created to help Victoria academics use technology in their teaching and research. The Incubator hub is here to support a community of practice and innovation in the use of technology at Victoria. The Innovation Incubator is operated by the Centre for Academic Development in collaboration with Information Technology Services. Any questions or comments can be directed to Dr Stephen Marshall at CAD.

The incubator environment provides internet servers using the Amazon Cloud. These include fully functional servers for webpages, wikis, blogs, content management, databases and a variety of other platforms ready to support innovation projects. These resources are available at no cost to Victoria staff but all proposals must be approved by the Incubator Governance group. You can find out about the available server images here.

The Incubator Hub provides information on innovation project proposals and Victoria users are encouraged to review each other's ideas and indicate those that should be supported. The intention is to facilitate collaboration and encourage a shared responsibility and engagement in new ideas.

The Incubator Hub also acts as a repository of knowledge about digital technologies for learning and teaching, with information on the technologies being explored, those that are part of the supported platform of services, and on the experiences of Victoria colleagues.

Our goal is to be as responsive as we can be and to support as much creative engagement with technology as possible. The Incubator project also has the following goals:

  • Reduce the threshold needed to engage with technology at Victoria;
  • Encourage and support collaboration and a scholarly assessment of innovations;
  • Control and understand the costs of innovation;
  • Reduce unnecessary duplication of effort;
  • Ensure security of data and access;
  • Provide a mechanism for turning useful innovation projects into fully supported services;
  • Collect information on the experience of staff with particular innovations to inform future ideas.

Incubator Framework