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What's your Blend?

10:30am-midday (morning tea from 10am)

Old Govt Bldg LT 2 December 1st''''

What is blended learning? Is it something that I might want to consider looking at for course design and delivery? What does it offer, and how have other colleagues from a range of disciplines across the University made use of it? What support is available to me if I do want to adopt this approach?

These questions, among others will inform a joint VicTeach and Victoria Business School sponsored event to be held in Old Government Building Lecture Theatre 2 starting at 10.00 am on the 1st of December and concluding my midday. While the event is being held on the Pipitea Campus, all Victoria teaching and teaching support staff are welcome to attend. The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of what blended learning is, an opportunity to hear from colleagues who are using this mode of learning and teaching, and to reflect on what it may have to offer to individual course coordinators and programme directors.

In essence this workshop will provide an opportunity to become familiar with this mode of learning and teaching (to answer the ‘what’ and ‘what if’ questions), and will be a prelude to further workshops and seminars – many of which are already being offered – focused on the specific skills and technologies to make it happen (the ‘how’ questions).

The workshop will start with morning tea between 10.00 and 10.30 am.

For catering purposes please RSVP to Nicole Green in the Victoria Business School office - - no later than 26 November.