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Transitioning from School to University In a couple of weeks there will be a new group of students in our lectures, fresh from High School. For some the transition to University study will be easy, for many it will be a struggle but they will cope and there are some for whom it is just too tough. This session will give us some insight into the issues facing first year students today. The programme includes: A look at some of the international research on the ‘First Year Experience’ and its relevance for us at VUW A consideration of aspects of the social and personal development of students transitioning from High School and the implications for academic engagement, motivation and success. A review of the research into how NCEA impacts on student learning in the first year of University study Cameos of what is happening across the University to help address some issues identifies as being a problem in the first year of study A time for reflection and discussion about how our courses could be shaped to better meet the needs of students in transition.

A recording of this session, called "First year experience", can be accessed at Please note - the video and sound seems fine, but there were some issues with screen capture. Powerpoints for presentations are below, where available.

Programme (including slides, where available):

Media: vic teach -FYE transition 2015.pptx Introductory slides

Allison Kirkman: Why is the First Year Experience so important?

Jan Stewart: The First Year Experience – some general principles

Rachel Reidel: Emergent adulthood and implications for higher education. Personal traits that promote academic engagement and success , how to promote personal traits in teaching practice. Media: Emergent Adulthood implications for teaching.pptx

Azra Moed: The impact of NCEA and the implications for student learning in first year

Chris Eichbaum, Deborah Laurs and others: Some examples of what is happening across the University

Media: Differences between NCEA and University.pptx from Bronwen Wood

Media: VicTeach FYE transition session notes.docx feedback from the from the group discussions