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What is SlideShare?

It is a cloud based delivery of slide presentations.

Who uses SlideShare?

Students and academics

Why should I use SlideShare?

To deliver your presentations to students from one location. You can deliver your presentation within your Blackboard course.

SlideShare uses category tags for the content and you can filter by Educational presentations. Unfortunately these pages often display adverts.

Some reasons why you might use SlideShare

How do I use SlideShare?

SlideShare is a useful tool for displaying 'slide' presentations to your students. The popularity of SlideShare has generated an enormous resource, which is easy to search and integrate into your teaching.

You can embed SlideShare presentations into your Blackboard course using the Blackboard Mashup tool. For instructions on how to do this visit the Blackboard support page

Alternatively you can share the link to your presentation within course web pages, via email and social media.

How do I access SlideShare?

You access SlideShare from your web browser visit or through the content creation tools within Blackboard.

Support for SlideShare

SlideShare is not supported by ITS, please visit the SlideShare help centre.

Individualised support using this technology in your teaching is available from the CATs (Contacts for Academic Technology). Visit this page to find out more and contact your CAT.

Support is also available from Centre for Academic Development (CAD) staff please send an e-mail to CAD-Contact or contact CAD staff, Stephen Marshall, Irina Elgort or Jillian Pawlyn.