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What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is the university’s licensed on-line survey creation tool. It is easy to use with lots of how-to videos and a large community of users worldwide to help get Qualtrics working the way you want. From basic polls to complex surveys integrating websites and pop-up windows and even class revision Qualtrics can be made to do just about anything you want.

Who uses Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is primarily used by staff and postgraduate research students for research. But can also be used in teaching scenarios such as class revision or class feedback.

Why should I use Qualtrics?

If you want to collect information for research in the form of an online survey Qualtrics is the best tool the university has to offer. Also thanks to pre-defined file formats for downloading the information you can copy your results straight into excel or SPSS (and other formats) which saves you having to input data from paper surveys.

How do I use Qualtrics?

It is as simple as setting up an account (see “How do I access Qualtrics?” below) and clicking to create your first survey. It is intuitive, always saves progress and there are lots of video tutorials covering basic building right through to complex functions.

Creating a survey involves clicking to create questions, choosing the format, then typing in the question text and desired answers. You can then distribute the survey via anonymous link, through an email database, or even through a research panel.

How do I access Qualtrics?

To set up an account follow the steps in this guide (link to account setup document Intranet). You can use your @vuw email address or another address. Make sure it is active and you can access it as you have to retrieve a verification email from your account before you can access qualtrics.

Support for Qualtrics

VUW provide limited support for Qualtrics related to user accounts and access. For primary support you need to contact Qualtrics directly via email or phone (USA number).

Email responses are quick (overnight) and very helpful (including video how-to guides when the going gets tough!)

If you have a technical or administration query, the ITS Service desk is your first point of contact, telephone: 04 463 5050.

Individualised support using this technology in your teaching is available from the CATs (Contacts for Academic Technology). Visit this page to find out more and contact your CAT.

Support is also available from Centre for Academic Development (CAD) staff please send an e-mail to CAD-Contact or contact CAD staff, Stephen Marshall or Kwong Nui Sim.

Contact information

US Business Hours - 11am to 11pm NZT – Service available and fully supported by Qualtrics - or 001-800-340-9194 After Hours – Service available with email support by Qualtrics -

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