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The Forks in Sockets (FIS) project needs a web site, and this application proposes to host this website through VUW. Forks in Sockets is a collaboration project between the School of Design, School of Engineering and School of Music. The lead organisers are Anne Niemetz (Design)and Josh Bailey (ECS).

The Forks in Sockets project brings together researchers that do interesting things with electricity, and has successfully developed a system with which a tesla coil can be controlled by musicians as music instrument.

The beginning of this cross-disciplinary project was marked by the first public event in August last year. At that time I made a very small web page that I host on my private server:

As this project is growing, I suggest that it is appropriate for VUW to host a new FIS site which will offer information about the public event, the researchers involved, and also be a platform for video documentation and general material collection. At this point a simple HTML site is suggested (no database or anything fancy like that).

FIS Event Poster (PDF)

The project webserver is live at:


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