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Lecture Theatre Recordings

All teaching spaces are set up to record using Vstream. This is done using either a automatic recording device or using the personal capture (PCap) software, which is the same software you can install on your personal computer

Rooms With Automatic Recorders

Kelburn Campus

  • Alan MacDiarmid – Automatic recordings can be done in all AM teaching spaces (AM101 – AM106)
  • Cotton – COLT122
  • Hugh Mackenzie – HMLT002, HMLT104, HMLT205
  • Hunter – HULT119, HULT220, HULT323, Council Chamber
  • Kirk – KKLT301, KKLT303
  • Maclaurin – MCLT101, MCLT102, MCLT103
  • Rankine Brown – 9th Floor meeting rooms (901/903)
  • Student Union – Memorial Theatre

Pipitea Campus

  • Government Buildings – GBLT1, GBLT2, GBLT3, GBLT4
  • Railway Station – RWW224, RWW501
  • Rutherford House – RHLT1, RHLT2, RHLT3

Te Aro Campus

  • VSLT1, VSLT2