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VicTeach July Session - Learning Space Evolution at Victoria

Session Venue and Time: Friday 31st July, 2.00pm-3.30pm in AM101.

Questions for Discussion

You can provide responses via GoSoapBox before during and after the session:, event access code: 129-016-917

  1. What are the strengths of the current Victoria learning environments that support your discipline and/or model of learning and teaching?
  2. How could those strengths be sustained in a way that responds to the factors identified in the discussion paper? Are there additional pressures or factors that should also be responded to?
  3. How could the learning and teaching infrastructure at Victoria be changed to significantly improve the educational outcomes for students and staff?
  4. How could the University better support staff and students using the educational facilities?
  5. What types of learning spaces should the University be planning to provide in its redevelopment of the Kirk building complex?
  6. How can the University use new learning spaces to effectively support cross-disciplinary learning and teaching?
  7. In what ways would a large lecture theatre (approximately 500 seats) strengthen the University, providing options for a range of future activities, including those that enhance research as well as education? How would it complement other spaces and benefit from ongoing technological and pedagogical developments?
  8. What impact do you see arising from blended models of delivery at Victoria on your discipline and/or model of learning and teaching?