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My Turnitin Assignment Grade Center column keeps changing from Victoria Letter Grades (2014) to Score.

This is because the Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard does not support displaying results as Victoria Letter Grades. This is a limitation of the Turnitin-to-Blackboard integration.

To work around this:

If you already have a Turnitin Assignment set up in your Blackboard course, enter scores into the Turnitin assignment column and do not show this column to students if you don’t want them to see their score. To hide a column in the Grade Centre, use the Edit Column Information option.

To convert the scores to letter grades, you can do use one of the following approaches:

  • If you do not need to display feedback to students with their assignment grades, create a calculated weighted column within the Grade Center based on the Turnitin Assignment​ column; use Victoria Letter Grades (2014) as the primary display for the new column and choose to show this column to students.
  • If you want to display feedback, as well as Victoria letter grades, download the Grade Centre spreadsheet using the Work Offline (Download) option. Open it in Excel and manually create a new column in Excel for the assignment, and copy the content of the Turnitin Assignment​ column into it. Then upload the new column into the Blackboard Grade Centre, using the Work Offline (Upload) option.​ You can now change the option for the new column (Edit Column Information) to display results as Victoria Letter Grades (2014) and add individual student feedback that will be displayed to the students.

If you want to show students their Turnitin Originality reports but not their score, you should leave the Turnitin Assignment column visible to students in the Grade Centre, but refrain from entering student scores into this column.

If you need to give feedback without showing students their points, then you can also use a Blackboard (native) Assignment (and not the Turnitin Assignment). To run Originality Reports in Turnitin for the Blackboard Assignment submissions, you can download the submitted assignments as a batch from the Blackboard Grade Center and submit them to Turnitin yourself (manually). You can use Victoria Letter Grades and place feedback using the Blackboard Grade Center for Blackboard Assignments. In this case, students will not be able to see their Originality reports.