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Incubator Server Images

The Innovation Incubator environment is enabled by the Amazon Web Services cloud. This service provides servers on the Internet ready to be used for a variety of purposes. A selection of the most common needs are listed below, there is also an extensive list of additional images available for use.

Please note that currently neither CAD nor ITS can provide development or system administration resources. During the project proposal process we will help identify the best server platform for the project in order to simplify the project implementation and help explore what additional support might be needed. In some cases (i.e. wikis or blogs) the standard image may be essentially ready to go, other sites (such as databases or customised web pages) may require the employment of technical specialists.

Common Server Images

These are provided as links for information purposes. If your project proceeds the server will be created by ITS and you will be given the IP address and the certificate file used to access the server.