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LTDF Ideas Exchange, August 2nd 2013, Wai-te-ata 201

Chaired by Suzanne Boniface

Notes from Seminar (many thanks to Anne Macaskill)

The presentations were recorded and can be viewed at:
VStream Learning and Teaching Collection

This is one long recording with several connected presentations. If you are interested in a specific presenter, jump to the following times. These are also noted in the bookmarks of the presentation.

Some Thoughts on Digital Tools and Challenges in Humanities Teaching
Stephen Epstein, School of Languages and Culture
presentation: 1 - 11 mins, discussion: 11 - 21 mins

Music in Lectures and Examinations to Promote Right-Brain Activity
John Prebble, Professor of Law, VUW
Music in Teaching handout; transcript
presentation: 27 - 40 mins, discussion: 40 - 48 mins

Graduate attributes: Signposts and simulations in science courses
Diane Ormsby, School of Biological Sciences
presentation: 48 - 57 mins, discussion: 57 mins - 01:06

Skills Training for Doctoral students: Online, Self-Service, Self-Help Modules
Lizzie Towl, Faculty of Graduate Research
presentation: 01:07 - 1:15 , discussion: 1:15 - end

LTDF Ideas Exchange, August 2nd 2013, Karori Campus

Thanks to those who were able to attend I think it was a worthwhile session.

Thanks to Linda and Carolyn for giving us a rundown of the work they are doing: Linda – Project to investigate improving teacher expertise through learning and assessment using video recordings or streaming.
Carolyn – talking about using Scopia to lecture with Margaret Gleeson in Washington – Teaching ‘old dogs’ new tricks.

Thanks also to Stephen Marshall for coming to guide the discussion and answer some of our queries and talk about possibilities.

Topics discussed:
· Teaching online Tutorial groups with conferencing or collaboration tools.
· Stephen introduced the Innovation Incubator and what it could offer in terms of support.
Please check out the website, there are some great resources on there for new technologies.
There is stuff on there about Vstream, qualtrics, go soapbox and many other technologies we have access to.
· Reminder to those who want to try scopia that all the information needed about getting started is on the INTRANET.
· Smartboard usage and support – level of use and interest needs to be gauged to define support required.
· Teaching with remote student involvement via scopia · Scopia Vs skype discussion
· The ethical issues around the use of video content needs to be explored more and understood for a variety of different applications.

Maggie raised that there is a Visual methods conference at Vic in September. Details will be forwarded.

Ideas for possible topics for the next discussion:
· Gosoapbox trails done by Craig
· Getting some Library staff to come and talk about their online teaching experiences and the different technologies they have tried.
(Beth to get contact details from Stephen)
· Implications of students going onto Office 365 – how does this help or hinder and what are the features of it.
· Bruce Carey discussing more about his PhD and the use of second life

I think everyone was very keen to have regular sessions (that didn’t clash with the Kelburn series next time).
The next Kelburn one is Sept 6th. So we could have ours on Sept 20th and then do them monthly? I’ll send out an invite and we’ll open it up to all.

Please make use of the Discussion Forum to share ideas.

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