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An ePortfolio is a digital tool for storing, reflecting on and sharing your skills achievements and experiences: academic, professional, personal, or co-curricular.

Use an ePortfolio to:

  • Measure or assess the development of your choice of skills or attributes in your courses
  • Reflect on and analyse academic, personal, co-curricular, or professional experiences
  • Develop metacognition or goal setting strategies
  • Research links between learning and career options

ePortfolios enable students “to record and track their own progress through academic programmes and to assemble evidence of their abilities, skills and achievements” (Academic Office Undergraduate Review, 2011). More importantly, students’ value using ePortfolios:

“The ePortfolio has given me the opportunity to reflect on what I have learnt and how I have developed and changed as a person”.
- Information Systems student
“The Portfolio was a fabulous way to reflect on my contributions and gain a better understanding of the skills I have acquired”.
- Psychology and Law student

There is a freely available digital tool on Career Hub for Victoria students, graduates and staff (access does not expire). [1]

For ePortfolio Demos, Info Sessions, Resources, or Trainings: Contact the ePortfolio Coordinator at [2].

Academic staff may also be interested in viewing the information on Teaching_Portfolios.