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Thursday 28th May, 3 -5pm Te Aro Campus, School of Architecture and Design Room VS204

According to the VUW graduate profile, all of our graduates are expected to be prepared with well-developed skills in creative thinking. Likewise, one of the new themes in the University’s Strategic Plan entails “Cultivating Creative Capital”. But what is creativity, and what values are inherent in honing it as a skill? If we teach students creative thinking skills, then how do we ensure that these skills are effectively assessed? This VicTeach session invites the exploration of the topic of creativity with particular focus on its cultivation and assessment. Chaired by two seasoned design educators, Tonya Sweet (School of Design) and Kevin Sweet (School of Architecture), this session will introduce strategies for the fostering of creative thinking skills and methods for the evaluation of creative outcomes. Participants should expect to engage in a bit of creative problem solving during this VicTeach session!

There will be a follow-up drop-in session related to this topic on Thursday 4th June, 4pm-5pm, in Milk & Honey.

For more information, please contact: Tonya Sweet (