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Assignment Submission via Turnitin on Blackboard

Victoria has licensed Turnitin for use for all forms of student work and we have also licensed the Blackboard integration system. This means that all staff can use the Turnitin system through Blackboard at no cost and with additional account required. Please see for more information on Plagiarism and Turnitin. Visit the Blackboard @ Victoria pages for support using Blackboard.

Creating a Turnitin Submission Assignment in Blackboard

  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to the course that you are wishing to use Turnitin with.
  2. Within the course, navigate to the folder where you wish students to go when submitting their work (normally an Assignments folder or weekly module folder).
  3. Make sure that ‘edit mode’ is on; the setting is shown in the top right corner of the Blackboard course. Edit Mode On
  4. Select “Turnitin Assignment” from the “Create Assessment” menu at the top. Create Menu
  5. You will see the Turnitin web interface appear within Blackboard.
  6. Choose “Paper Assignment” and click on the “Next Step” button.
  7. Give your assignment a clear name and complete the remaining fields as appropriate.
  8. Click on the “Optional Settings” button to expose the additional settings.Optional Setting
  9. Update to reflect your preferences, the following settings are recommended by default: Turnitin settings
  10. You can also add additional instructions for students.
  11. Leave the last item checked to keep the same settings for future Turnitin assignments created for this course. File save setting
  12. Click submit to create the assignment.Assignment Created
  13. Note: click >> View/Complete to open and take the assignment.