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We are currently running Blackboard Release 9.1 April 2014.

Below are direct links to resource that address common Blackboard questions:

Instructions on how to:

Blackboard On Demand Tutorials

For video and text tutorials supporting Blackboard Learn 9.1 , please visit the Blackboard On Demand Learning Center website.

Blackboard TV

YouTube Channel for Blackboard TV. Navigate to the bottom of the Blackboard TV to the sections called Students: Getting Started and Instructors: How-To and Beyond.

Use a powerful and easy to search Blackboard help site containing text and video tutorials on how to create and administer your Blackboard course: Blackboard Instructor Guide

Further tips are available from the links below:

Tutorials for tools

In addition to Blackboard own tools and functionality, there are a number of third-party tools seamlessly integrated into Blackboard. These tools extend Blackboard functionality as a teaching and learning platform.

Campus Pack Tools (Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts)

One of these additional sets of tools is Campus Pack Tools. Campus Pack social software tools, i.e., blogs, wikis and podcasts are superior in a number of ways to Blackboard own social software tools. The Centre for Academic Development recommends using Campus Pack tools over Blackboard blogs and wikis.

Campus Pack - August 2014 Release: Wikis, Blogs, Journals, Podcasts and Templates

Student Campus Pack Resources


Turnitin s a commercial service licensed by VUW for use by all staff and courses. Turnitin provides a mechanism for automatically comparing student assessed work with a wide variety of Internet materials and the work of other students so as to facilitate the detection of plagiarism and other forms of cheating.


VStream is Victoria University’s audio, video and screen capture streaming service.

  • What is VStream? Resources and guides for academic staff using VStream in Blackboard.

Student Attendance

On-line participation/ attendance

Although Blackboard does not offer a built-in attendance function, you can track student activity and monitor performance within the Blackboard environment. Blackboard has in-built tracking features so on-line participation can be considered by seeing when a user has accessed the course, what they have accessed and for how long. This information can be used to inform decisions about online 'attendance' and 'participation'.

Face-to-face attendance

Attendance OR non-attendance in face-to-face sessions can be logged within the grade center. You would create a column for either attendance OR non attendance and add the data to the column. You can either edit the grade centre each time or collate the information on a spreadsheet downloaded from the grade centre and the upload back into the grade center at the end of the course so the total attendance is calculated.

Resource Collections Developed by Other Universities

Collections of resources for Blackboard Learn 9.1:

Otago Blackboard Resources

Stony Brook University

Georgetown University

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