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Accessing Turnitin

Note: Turnitin is an externally hosted service licensed for use by VUW in all courses. It is only to be used for assessing student work for potential plagiarism. This includes both undergraduate assignments as well as Theses and other works produced for assessment by postgraduate students. Other works, including research papers (published or for publication) and other documents must not be uploaded to the system.

The simplest way for staff to use Turnitin with students in undergraduate courses is through the Blackboard integration. If you are using Turnitin outside of a course (such as supervision) or do not use Blackboard then you need a separate account for Turnitin.

If you already have an account, you can access the service at using your VUW email address and the password supplied by Turnitin.

If you have used Turnitin within Blackboard and have not received a password you need to request that your password is reset. Click on this link -

If you have never been assigned a Turnitin password, please contact Stephen Marshall requesting an account. This process is usually completed within 24 hours and you will be sent an email with details on how to access the system and your password. If you have never used Turnitin before you are strongly advised to read the rest of the documentation on this website and in particular the VUW Turnitin policies and notices webpage.

Students are not issued with Turnitin accounts independently. Graduate students who wish to use Turnitin need to contact their supervisors and ask them to set up a Turnitin submission area for them, providing a password and making sure that the student can view Originality Reports.